This early Terry Gilliam production is typical of the director’s work. He starts out with a good – or at least interesting – intention: trashing the fairytale fantasy genre. Unfortunately, another typical trait emerges: Gilliam’s tendency to be really really annoying. As the monstrous Jabberwocky terrorizes the countryside, a bumpkin (Michael Palin) journeys to the castle in search of work. Along the way he encounters an astounding parade of filth and misfortune. Particularly noteworthy is the huge collection of urination and defecation scenes. This movie has enough excreting to balance out every movie ever made that doesn’t feature any at all. And most of the rest of the humor is on par with that. Though on an intellectual level this could have been a clever jab at a deserving target, the production depends too heavily on childish physical humor to succeed. See if desperate


Genre: Comdey

Subgenre: Fantasy

Date Reviewed: 10/7/2010