Marilyn “Behind the Green Door” Chambers gets into a motorcycle accident. She’s rushed to a nearby plastic surgery clinic, where she receives a skin graft using an experimental technique. Unfortunately for her, one of the side-effects of the surgery is the sudden appearance of a lamprey-like appendage that lives in a vaginal cavity in her armpit. I suppose that’s what happens when you get a graft from David Cronenberg’s imagination. Further inconvenience: the thing in her pit sucks blood, which in a way is fortunate for her because all of a sudden she needs blood from human victims to survive and without the armpit thing goodness only knows how she’d go about arranging meals. Insult to injury: anyone she sucks turns into a rabid zombie. Before she’s done all Montreal has to be quarantined to keep her victims from spreading their rabies-esque infection worldwide. Fans of the splatter horror genre should definitely check this one out; it’s one of the great-granddaddies of the lot. It’s not a sterling example of acting, screenwriting or technical quality by any stretch of the imagination, but it is more than a little icky fun. Mildly amusing


Genre: Horror

Subgenre: Zombie

Date reviewed: 1/8/2004