Given the frequency and duration of the ad breaks on Lifetime Movie Network’s cablecast of this nasty little movie, I assume a good deal was cut out. So if something of Shakespearian brilliance was edited away, I’m doing this picture an injustice. If on the other hand all that got removed was cheap nudity and violence, then it’s unlikely they would have made this a better picture. I’m genuinely surprised that either Luke Wilson or Kate Beckinsale would have much interest in appearing in garbage like this. It has one briefly entertaining moment, when the annoying couple stranded at an isolated motel realizes that the snuff movie they’re watching on TV was shot in the room where they’re staying. Otherwise it’s purely dreadful. The tunnel-crawling sequences in particular made me itch. Thank goodness they were brief. Wish I’d skipped it


Genre: Horror

Subgenre: Slasher

Date reviewed: 1/4/2010